Continuous cooperation in the parking services of the Dutch Brick Parking Enforcement (BPE) company.
4. 12. 2017.

In collaboration with our partner from the Netherlands, Geometria is working on the development of a new parking system, primarily for business customers. The system allows companies to efficiently utilize their private parking places, and then sell the spaces in full even after normal working hours.   > >  

New generation MIRTUSZ at FŐTÁV-Komfort
19. 10. 2017.

This autumn a work management system based on renewed foundations and with simplified functionality will be delivered to FŐTÁV-Komfort.

The new generation work management system that is equipped with simplified user interface, and will support the planning, implementation and control of FŐTÁV-Komfort’s heat center-related work flows has been developed this year.   > >  

64th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association
26. 9. 2017.

On 13–15 September 2017, Bükfürdő hosted the 64th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association, which is the largest annual meeting and most significant domestic event held for the stakeholders of the electrical engineering industry.   > >  

EU grant for the renewal of MIRTUSZ
14. 8. 2017.

Our company considers the MIRTUSZ work management system as a strategic product, and therefore the product has a clearly defined medium-term development schedule. Product development relies on a firm financial background, and is funded from own resources, projects and governmental funds. Geometria’s proposal submitted in the framework of the GINOP 2.1.7-15 grant application scheme has been given positive evaluation, and therefore just recently we have signed the agreement with the Ministry for National Economy, as a result of which our project entitled “Development of a new, central work management system” has been granted a non-repayable grant of HUF 48,706,507 from the European Regional Development Fund. This project aims at the technological renewal of the MIRTUSZ central dispatcher module. The development has the goal to consistently align with customer demands and changes in the market, as well as exploit the options offered by information science in order to make optimal solutions available to our customers at all times.

HŐTÉRX: renewed network record-keeping system at FŐTÁV Zrt.
3. 7. 2017.

Developed by Geometria, HŐTÉRX, a map-based network record-keeping system has been delivered to FŐTÁV in order to replace the nearly 15-year-old HŐTÉR3 application.

  > >  

New customer in Geometria’s portfolio: Északdunántúli Vízmű Zrt.
6. 6. 2017.

With a history of more than a century, Északdunántúli Vízmű Zrt. (ÉDV) or North Transdanubian Waterworks as a public utility company is one of the dominant and at the same time leading actors of domestic water services. Today, ÉDV provides drinking water in 84 settlements of three counties (Komárom-Esztergom, Fejér and Pest) to 310 thousand people, as well as wastewater-related services in 72 settlements to 285,000 inhabitants.   > >  

Automated scheduling module for the support of operating control works in water production.
15. 5. 2017.

In March 2017, a project was launched for the development of an automated scheduling tool for operating control works at the Water Production Department of Budapest Waterworks.

With the introduction of the MIRTUSZ module, the process of work assignment will become fully automated for most of the works. The automated dispatcher module of the system automatically performs the scheduling of works, the selection of the necessary resources and work ordering, as well as the issuance of the electronic work sheets to the mobile devices of the technicians. The module has the function to support efficient resource management, the minimization of travel, stoppage and delay times, the quick and effective handling of tasks.

The development will have been completed by the end of September, and after fine-tuning and testing the scheduling tool is planned to be deployed live in December.

Mirtusz Phone – Waterworks facility module
24. 4. 2017.

Used at Budapest Waterworks, the Mirtusz work management system has so far been accessible from different platforms. The central Mirtusz system is used from desktops and notebooks, whereas the field Mirtusz Mobile application is available from tablets via mobile connection. We have developed both programs. The operation control works of the facilities have been administered from Windows CE-based PDA devices until now. In 2016, we were instructed to renew the facility module.   > >  

Map-based support for the management of the energy demands of consumers
10. 4. 2017.

As the first step of the promotion of efficient corporate cooperation based on information sharing, 2016 saw the introduction of the EEGIS Map Portal system within ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ. Beyond the modernization of the web-based display of network data, the purpose of this move was the presentation and sharing of further information layers via the system.   > >  

Support to the investment process at Budapest Waterworks
28. 3. 2017.

The autumn of 2015 saw the first phase of the implementation of the application that was designed to support Budapest Waterworks’ investment activities. In the first phase, the module for the monitoring of the process of investment planning was created with the task to compile and handle the annual investment plan, control the work process from the emergence of demands to the approval of the annual investment plan. The live deployment of the first module took place in June 2016, and the investment plan for 2017 was already made in the BerTi system.   > >