To improve the efficiency of network-based operations and work management, as well as troubleshooting and the elimination ofoperating failures, in particular:

  • improve the service level of the central telephone-based customer services
  • optimize the resource management of field technicians
  • support corporate cost accounting, and ultimately
  • reduce the operating costs of the network

MIRTUSZ is a modular Workforce Management System that can be flexibly aligned with the needs of various public utility suppliers. The following modules can be functionally integrated into the company’s IT environment, and therefore the system can closely work together with the enterprise resource planning (ERP), network management (GIS), car tracking and plant management (SCADA) systems.

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RBM-Fuzzy Risk Based Maintenance Planning with Fuzzy Logic for Utilities

Asset Management
The life of the public utilities is basically defined by the changes of the last decade, the privatization and the unbundling, and direct changes in regulation and consumer requirements. Beside the external factors significant internal aspects play a part: for the sake of the long term sustainability halting of the network aging is a critical task.
The changes of the environment fundamentally modified the business strategy of the companies and the relationship to the network assets: the economically effective management and operation of the network became the core of these companies’ business. To achieve this an asset management system has to be operated that ensures that only really sufficient expenditures are defined and in which the rate of effectiveness can be demonstrated.   > >  

Geodetic GIS and e-public utility publication


NKM Áramhálózati Ltd. (NKM) annually builds about 600 to 1,000 pieces of linear investment and 3000-5000 pieces of connecting cable. In addition to the maintenance of the current geodetic and technical records and their management, the maintenance of the database of the e-public utility data service would have been added such a workload on the company, which could not be served by the existing capacity. That’s why, we had to find a solution, which modernizes the existing geodetic database management thereby freeing up significant capacity on the side of NKM, and in the same time, the company can meet its obligations of service in e-public utility without the involvement of additional capacities.   > >  

The integrated IT support of the network construction works


Since the realization of the unbundling, so since 2007, NKM Áramhálózati Ltd. was in a contractual relationship with the network operator NKM Partner Ltd. and with the network constructor Prímavill Ltd. In this situation, each member company performed the workforce planning and organization tasks by themselves. Due to the changes in 2014, these organizations were merged into NKM Áramhálózati Ltd., so the network licensee instead of the existing contractual relationship received significant internal resource planning and management tasks on the merged electrician staff.   > >  


Centralized plant operation accumulates a growing amount of information to be handled. Decision making for optimal network operation needs fresh, precise, detailed information on the instantaneous status of the whole system, in order to shorten and lowen any network malfunction or outage. For the appropriate decision, information should be collected from different sources and to be sorted into an integrated, easy-to-use form.
This support is a company level integrated, process optimalized network administration system (DMS/OMS) which is capable to collect all the requisite information and to present it for the decision makers.   > >  

Mobile Serviceman

The main goal of our system is to accelerate field works. The Mobile Serviceman network and the central IT systems are integrated into a wireless network. The Mobile Serviceman can communicate with several company communication systems like:   > >