About our services

Geometria provides information technology (IT) services to companies and institutions. Such services encompass feasibility studies and comprehensive, detailed execution planning of integrated IT systems and independent application systems, installation of applications and operation support, as well as the design, implementation and  change management of digital databases, application support.   > >  

Project management

Our works are realized in the framework of projects. When evaluating projects, fundamental factors to be considered are:

  • fulfilling the technical and quality-related requirements of clients,
  • proper observation of deadlines, and
  • efficient operations from an economic point of view.

Towards the well-balanced fulfillment of the above set of requirements, we employ agile methods in the management, execution of projects. We encourage our senior associates to be in possession of knowledge beyond traditional project management skills and experience, and use the methods that are necessary under the given market and technological conditions in practice, too.   > >  

Quality management

The goal of the establishment and application of a quality management system is to serve as a basis of the realization of IT service operations in an economically efficient manner, in line with the expected technical and quality standards.

 The system

  • offers regulated processes, procedures,
  • is framed in view of the quality management standards, as well as the currently applicable methodologies of the given professional field,
  • is reviewed and modified from time to time towards tracking the changes of the market environment and the given professional field.   > >  

System integration

The business processes of our clients are supported by a complex, integrated IT environment. During the performance of our tasks, we undertake to design corporate IT architectures determining the IT environment, create and integrate the components defined in the plans of the architectures. Within the framework of enterprise information management (EIM), we act for the design of the conceptual and logical data model, the physical planning of the database, the planning and implementation of the services needed for the management of information (metadata management, master data management, data migration, etc.).   > >  

Development of application systems

Our system development activities focus on the design, implementation and integration of technical applications, components supporting information management and integration. The systems we supply are fitted into the technical IT environments of our clients. Therefore, our work is fundamentally based on the details of the corporate information management program and the resulting technical IT development concept.   > >  

Database services

Geometria has been producing digital utility maps and databases for more than 25 years. During this period, we built databases representing hundreds of thousand kilometers of electric, gas, water and telephone network serving planning, maintenance and operation areas. The specific sectoral, domestic and international experience of our experts guarantees the high standards of data warehouses.   > >  

Operations support services


The value-creating, supportive services for regularly deployed IT systems are largely dependent on the availability of the given system. In order to back availability on the expected level, Geometria performs operations support services through its team of specialized experts, and with the use of the infrastructure needed for such tasks:

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