Planning, Distribution and Network Management System for Current Supply Companies

System ÁRTEMISZ accomplishes the map-based, digital network registration of the electric supply network, maintained by DÉMÁSZ. ÁRTEMISZ contains the high-, medium- and low-voltage network registration on the complete service area of DÉMÁSZ. As a first step the medium-voltage network (10, 20 and 35 kV) has been completed (ÁRTEMISZ-KÖF).

The project aims to provide a single, rule- based, network information system on company level, which implements the network registration in the centre, in the first engineers’ offices, in the product engineers ‘ offices and in the managerial offices. The information system supports the business processes related to the distribution network operation, maintenance and development.

The system contains the technical data of the medium-voltage overhead wire and the technical data of the infrastructures, devices and appliances of the cable network, from the medium-voltage equipments of the high-/medium-voltage sub-stations up to the medium-/medium- and medium-/low-voltage transformer substation and the pole-transformers. The system provides information on the topology and the current circuit condition of the distribution network elements including the technical and map data.

System ÁRTEMISZ is built on basic software GE Smallworld. Its main characteristics are the multi-user environment, the network operation, the rule-based data model, the user-friendly platform, the high data security, the multi-level user privilege management and the multi-level representation.

Owing to these characteristics the medium-voltage network and its equipments are presented in two main views: either in map view or in substation sketches. The map view can be divided into further three levels: basic maps and branch specific registrations are presented on detailed map views, on the scales of 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000 and 1:4000, on overview maps on the scales of 1:10.000, 1:25.000 and 1:50.000, and finally on the grid overview map on the scales of 1:100.000 and 1:250.000.

In favour of the network planning support an interface has been developed, which enables the common use of PRAO, the network calculating system and system ÁRTEMISZ-KÖF. Through the interface, system ÁRTEMISZ-KÖF provides the network calculating system with up-to-date data at all times.

The simple and fast access is provided by the WEB version of system ÁRTEMISZ, through which users having query privilege can enter system ÁRTEMISZ via the company intranet, using a simple WEB browser.

System Mobile ÁRTEMISZ has been developed for the support of the on-the-site data collection, that is part of the early data conversion and for the support of daily field works (network operation, maintenance, outage management). So this system enables field crew to have the complete map of the area and the connecting network database available. This software applies GeoLite, the graphical and maintenance tool widely used by GEOMETRIA and Personal Oracle to the storage of alphanumeric data. Mobile ÁRTEMISZ users have limited privilege to alphanumeric modifications, extending the query privilege and they can make the so-called red-lining remarks and fix the current GPS co-ordinates.

System ÁRTEMISZ-KÖF was delivered to DÉMÁSZ in August, 2004.
The data conversion to populate the system has been based on the existing analogue and digital registrations of DÉMÁSZ, on the geodetic measurements containing planimetrical and branch specific data and on the result of network inspections carried out with the help of Mobile ÁRTEMISZ.

The database building is followed by continuous Quality control, which has been worked out according to standard ISO 9001. The early data conversion of 44 substations, 10000 transformer-substations and 11500 km cables has been finished in April 2005, and the converted network route completion has being carried out currently.