Network Events Collecting and Evaluation Statistical System
Statistical analyses of planned and not-planned network events provide very important data for network reconstruction and maintenance planning. Beyond this, the service quality can be controlled by the network events and damage statistics in every year. The Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) supervises the quality of electric power supply on country level, so the most important indexes must be delivered for MEH. MEH penalizes on electric power suppliers’, if legal values for indexes are not kept.

The new, Network Events Collecting and Evaluating Statistical System (HEGYES) is able to record all planned and not-planned operation events on the medium-voltage main distribution network, include data of outage time, lost electric power, concerned customers and damaged or injured devices or equipments.

Recording the events is carried out by switching operations, so the changes of relevant consumer number and the lost electric power can be followed accurately. Thereby the disturbance of consumers and service quality indexes are to be calculated exactly.

HEGYES, in accordance with the stored data, is able to provide network operation directly with many different statistical reports, indexes ordered by MEH and furthermore special lists, occasional analysis.

HEGYES operates as independent system but it will be connected to ÁRTEMISZ, the network registration (GIS) system and to the planned outage and workforce management system. Topologic information of network registration systems enable to define the place of events (faults) easy and fast and network information make it possible to select damaged or injured devices or equipments.