System integration

The business processes of our clients are supported by a complex, integrated IT environment. During the performance of our tasks, we undertake to design corporate IT architectures determining the IT environment, create and integrate the components defined in the plans of the architectures. Within the framework of enterprise information management (EIM), we act for the design of the conceptual and logical data model, the physical planning of the database, the planning and implementation of the services needed for the management of information (metadata management, master data management, data migration, etc.).
In the case of applications, preference is given to web-based solutions, while realizing the communicational level of integration by applying widely known messaging systems that can be regarded as de facto standard solutions. For our work performed in the field of system integration, as a methodological basis – among others – we employ the methods and solutions of TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), EUP (Enterprise Unified Process), AUP (Agile Unified Process) and the IBM Information Agenda.