Project management

Our works are realized in the framework of projects. When evaluating projects, fundamental factors to be considered are:

  • fulfilling the technical and quality-related requirements of clients,
  • proper observation of deadlines, and
  • efficient operations from an economic point of view.

Towards the well-balanced fulfillment of the above set of requirements, we employ agile methods in the management, execution of projects. We encourage our senior associates to be in possession of knowledge beyond traditional project management skills and experience, and use the methods that are necessary under the given market and technological conditions in practice, too.

During the execution of the projects, we enable our clients to optimize their economic results, and rely on the outcomes of our work continuously, as soon as it is possible. The fulfillment of the technical requirements and the balance of the necessary expenditures are guaranteed by the close collaboration framed with the delegated representatives of the client. Our work method goes back to the joint determination of the requirements to be met, as well as the evaluation of the intermittent results of the work by way of regular controls to be conducted together. Furthermore, our work method ensures that throughout the projects our clients do not only follow the execution of the tasks, but actively control, contribute to and promote it, thereby ensuring that the given product or solution fully serves the satisfaction of the existing demand.