Gas Branch Specific Information SystemThe gas supply network of Budapest is operated from a central office and three branch offices of Budapest Gas. Budapest Gas has approximately 750.000 consumers and gas network totaling 5200 km.

The Gas Branch Specific Information system (GTR) performs the digital and map based registration of the entire gas network of the capital. The GTR Project included system design, database construction together with a suitable acquisition technology, application development, converting the digital database conversion, and delivery of the hardware together with the base software.

The application system was developed on Windows NT in an Intergraph FRAMME environment using an Oracle database.

The emphasized tasks of the system are modelling the network topology, overall supporting of data maintenance, different user-defined and complex queries, preparing and displaying thematic maps, and printing various reports. The system supplies basic data to Optiplan network calculating application system.

The database sources of GTR were the 5800 digital registration map sections at the scale of 1:500 and the dBase files created previously and containing the technical basic data. The digital database was converted to the configured data model of FRAMME system after a syntactical and semantic control and correction based on detailed database converting technology corresponding to ISO 9001 standard.

Although GTR is segmented in order of regional departments, the querying workplaces are suitable for handling the entire database simultaneously.

The applied basic software and technology enable the integration between GTR and SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning System and consumers’ registration.