Network Events Statistical SystemStatistical analyses of planned and not-planned network events are very important data at network reconstructon and maintenance planning. Beyond this service, quality and its changes can be controlled on the basis of network events and damage statistics during the years. The Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) supervises the quality of electric power supply on country level, so the most important indexes must be delivered for MEH. MEH penalizes on electric power suppliers’ level, if ordered values for indexes are not kept.

The Network Events-Statistical System (HESR) is able to record all planned and not-planned network events on the high-voltage main distribution network and the medium-voltage distribution network (breakdown, planned and other network events), together with data of outage time, data of dropped electric power, data of concerned customers and data of damaged or injured or appliances or equipments.


HESR is able to provide network operation directly with the very different statistical reports, indexes ordered by MEH further more special lists and occasional analyses, demanded on the basis of stored data. The system contains several ready-made statistics, which are easy to provide by parameters and supports effectively the assembling of different database queries with arbitrary content.

Before the installation of system HESR, Geometria analysed the data provision obligation of ELMÛ and ÉMÁSZ both towards authorities and within the company itself, Geometria has checked available data resources and connecting IT systems, too. The specification of user’ demands, system plan of the IT application and implementation of the application have been completed in accordance with the former analyses’ results.

The system HESR operates both on the service area of ELMÛ and ÉMÁSZ, its installation was carried out integrated with HIR network registration (GIS) systems, the customer service and workforce management system, MIRTUSZ. Topologic information of network registration systems enables to supply the place of events (faults), damages easy and fast, and network information make it possible to select damaged or injured appliances or equipments. Basic data of breakdowns and planned events related with outages on the medium-voltage distribution network will be exported from MIRTUSZ directly, automatically to HESR database reducing the administrative loads of operation personnel.