Sneek Gasworks Network Registration SystemThe task of the project was to create a network registration database fitting into the network information system of Westergo.

Westergo called for an open tender on development of gas network registration database in 1998 and this was won by Geometria.

The Westergo network consists of 1600 km supply and distribution pipes and 60000 consumer connection pipes. The pipes are plotted on differently scaled and sectioned registration maps. The data of connections are registered on schemes according to the address of the consumer.

The database was created in a Smallworld GIS environment with the support of an application provided by Westergo. The pipes, accessories, and consumer connections are constructed according to the available digital background basic map (GBKN) and with the dimensioning showed on the schemes. The object-oriented Smallworld application enables one to enter the alphanumerical and graphical data of the objects at the same time.

The database constructed according to the required quality criteria was delivered two months before the project deadline.