Budapest District Heating Network Information SystemHÕTÉR is a map-based digital network registration system of Budapest District Heating Co.’s network, which has been developed as part of an integrated enterprise system according to the unified information technology model. The task of the system is to complete the single map-based digital network registration and provide network, business and main IT subsystems by network basic data through the company level integration.

HÕTÉR is basically an ORACLE application and the graphical representation of the network registration is performed by means of Bentley MicroStation graphical base software. The system is a rule-based, client-server application.

The constructed digital database is stored in the server of FÕTÁV and it is connected to workstations operating in the centre and at the premises through ISDN network. The database has been prepared by the conversion of 900 utility base maps on the scale of 1:500. The data capturing was performed by means of rule-based data-loading software developed for this purpose and suitable for loading graphical and alphanumerical data at the same time.

During the data loading of Phase I’s database, handed over in February of 1996, 5 years of man-work was employed. The system contains actually map and network base data of 135,000 pipe sections, 5,500 manholes and 4,100 buildings supplied by district heating.

Due to the practical experience the application area of the system has been continuously extending. As a result of the development of Phase II and Phase III, the actual application area includes the network registration, data supply of individual district heating service toward invoicing and energy management as well as support during the operation in the network survey, in the work of sectioning and in breakdowns’ prevention. The system also assists the design of heating network and promotes the hydraulic calculations.

In year 2000, the integration of HÕTÉR and FÕTÁV Expert System (HÕHÁLÓ) was carried out. As a result HÕTÉR is in contact with SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning System, with the service change management module and with marketing systems, thus the network information technology has become an integrated part of the unified enterprise information system.

In 2001, some new, HÕTÉR Lite inquery workstations have been installed at FÕTÁV, which enable through the easy use and low specific costs, that network information, even on other areas addition to IT, can be used widely within the company (e.g. Customer Service).

The module, handling the registration of ISOPLUS cables measuring points and measuring data, has been introduced during 2002. Through the rapid and exact localisation of faults, it supports the daily operation activity and through fault statistics it helps the maintenance planning.

SZOLGV, the Service Change Management Module has been introduced in the same year. Its main task in the spring and autumn period is the daily comparison of customers’ contracts and the connecting temperature-based operational agreements with the likely average day temperature and in accordance with this, to make a list of consumers who must be switched actually of the total consumers amounting to 241,000. Mechanics make the switchings with the help of these lists and the same programme stores the re-recording of real switchings. At the end of the accounting-period module SZOLGV ensures input basic data (number of provided service days) for the consumption analysis and the invoicing.

During 2003 the overview map on the scale of 1:4000 has been installed, which built on the detailed map registration on the scale of 1:500, enabled the exchange of the paper-based overview maps, thereby providing network operation staff by the very latest information. While carrying out the view of 1:4000 of HÕTÉR, 50 digital base maps have been produced, put into the system and have being maintained continuously.

The very latest development of 2004 has been the installation of Mobile HÕTÉR workstations, which enables the availability of the complete map and the complete connecting network database of HÕTÉR of a certain area to the staff on the field. In addition to the direct access of map registrations, Mobile HÕTÉR workstations, by the help of a GPS equipment, support the localisation and the storage of the current position and enable the storage of discrepancies on the field.

In 2005 the implementation of module SAP PM will be completed at FÕTÁV Rt. and concurrently the integration of system HÕTÉR and module SAP PM will be carried out. The Mobile Worksheet module will be developed and implemented as well, which in co-operation with Mobile HÕTÉR ensures the digital administration of work processes: transmission operation, maintenance and outage management from the assignment of digital worksheets and its transfer up to completing and confirming them. Furthermore, the module of Mobile SZOLGV will be developed concurrently as well, which causing service changes, accomplishes digital worksheet management of switchings.