Brabant Water’s

House connection conversion and main pipe network migration

Brabant Water, the Dutch regional water work had charged Geometria with one project after the other on different migration tasks of input source data into their distribution pipe network registration system in GFIS. The input sources were databases with different structures administrated before by three different Dutch companies.

The completed products are databases, integrated into the GIS system on GFIS platform at Brabant Water. The migrated, converted data both in format and in specification standards are integrated with the data of the central database. The Customer had checked and verified these products in its own environment and accepted them.

Geometria took on the production of the single specification, during which tasks Geometria and Customer worked up the specification requirements together, which contribute to the standardisation of the database. Geometria uses this specification, and Customer’s experts use the same at the concurrently running internal data entry processes.

Geometria had constructed the single GFIS database in course of the migrations from databases of Bentley MicroStation – MS Access, Bentley MicroStation – Oracle and GE Smallworld. The migration task covered the supervision of quality and integrity of converted data, the correction of indicated errors. Geometria had been using to work execution the ad interim format of Bentley MicroStation – Oracle and some own developed automatic and semi- automatic software tools, furthermore manual data entry methods in order to improve data.

The project involved the editing data process of house connections at the relevant main pipe network, which had been converted according to individual schemes, ensured by the Customer. The editing was carried out in Bentley MicroStation – Oracle environments, the completed edited house connections, dimension lines had been converted after data files’ check into the Customer’s GFIS format. Geometria used its own developments for editing and dimension line management.

The projects contain the data migration, data process of some 3,600 km main pipe network and circ. 450,000 house connections.

The appropriate technical communication with the Customer had played an important role in the success of the project. The flexible co-operation has been ensured by the following tools: technical communication during the fixation of specification standards and while testing of conversion results (face-to-face communication, phone and e-mail communication), establishment of the suitable communication channels (appointment of responsible experts at both parties in different topics), and accurate documentation of the agreed points.