Water Supply Network Registration Database Construction for Limburg Waterworks The project involved creating a network-registered database for the network information system of WML.

This database-construction project fits into the series of network information developments started in the middle of 90’s in Holland. The Dutch utility companies decided to make the data conversion by engineering offices to compete with each other in open bids.

NV Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg, a utility company located in Maastricht, is responsible for the supply of drinking water for 350,000 consumers. At the end of 1997 it called for a tender on performing database construction for the 5800-7000 km long distribution network operated by the company.

The success of Geometria was the first case in the history of Dutch utilities that a Hungarian company participated in a project of such type and size as the main contractor. The existence of a Dutch subsidiary of Geometria and the fact that the data conversion was to be carried out in frame of ISO 9001 quality assurance system played a great role in winning the work.

As sub-contractor, CMG Telecommunications and Utilities BV, possessing excellent utility references, supported the project co-ordination and the required communication in Dutch language.

The work is carried out in Smallworld’s GIS software environment. Smallworld has been very popular in the USA and Europe and have been recently implemented in Geometria. The database construction is carried out according to strict quality requirements, and is supported by a data capturing and controlling applications developed by the Customer for this specific purpose. The database elements, which are categorized into 15 object-classes, are displayed in the analogue registration on differently scaled and sectioned maps. The distribution pipes and the accessories shall be constructed on the maps to the elements of the digital topographic background (GBKN) having an accuracy of a 1:500 scale, and according to the measuring lines showed.