Development of application systems

Our system development activities focus on the design, implementation and integration of technical applications, components supporting information management and integration. The systems we supply are fitted into the technical IT environments of our clients. Therefore, our work is fundamentally based on the details of the corporate information management program and the resulting technical IT development concept.

The supplied systems offer state-of-the-art solutions in the fields of technical record-keeping, work management, resource management, the assessment of conditions, maintenance planning, as well as other areas. During our work, we pay heightened attention to the assessment of the actual demands and determination of the real expectations of our clients so that we can deliver genuinely useful systems. When developing systems, we deploy iterative, incremental and interactive methods, and as depending on the conditions of the given work we strive for the application of agile methods (SCRUM, extreme programming, etc.).

The systems we supply are aligned with the technical information environments of our clients. In consequence

  • the fundamentals of our work are described in the corporate technical IT development concept
  • we exploit the services of the existing and operating IT systems of the company
  • with the integration of the various IT systems state-of-the-art solutions are put in place for the complex management of the company’s technical assets

Towards the efficient and reliable usability of the systems, we exploit network-based facilities, and give preference to the service-oriented architecture (SOA).