Geometria support new emergency response system for Hungarian Nattional Ambulance
17. 3. 2014.

The Hungarian National Ambulance (OMSZ) are starting a new  emergency response control system (MIR) supported by Geometria in June 2014. Using this new control system (MIR) the percentage of  ambulance cars arriving at the scene within 15 minutes after an emergency call will go higher than  85% as well as the percentage  of the arrival of the most suitably-equipped ambulance cars that will increase to 80%. The new system is already up and running in a test environment and courses for new users are being held. Geometria Ltd. takes part in the project as a subcontractor to the consortium of Tigra Computer- és Irodatechnikai Kft and Enterprise Communications Magyarország Kft. Their task is to supply the integrated GIS services such as maps, route planning, vehicle tracking etc. and also the planning of work shifts. These services are available for the control teams and they appear on the dashboard screen of approximately 1,000 ambulance cars, too. The place of the emergency and of the call as well as the estimated arrival time with a planned route for potentially available emergency  cars will immediately appear on the map visible for the control teams. Based on the incoming information the emergency control team will be able to direct the most suitable unit to the scene and will also be able to track their route and arrival. All the information will be electronically sent to the emergency response unit. Both the exact place of the emergency scene and a planned route will appear on the screen of the unit. The application running on the screen is also prepared for offline mode and is able to create new routes at any given time. The map services/applications supplied by Geometria Ltd. support both emergency rescue controls and the planning and controlling of patient transport.