New customer in Geometria’s portfolio: the Azerbaijani Waterworks
17. 3. 2014.

As a subcontractor for Budapest Waterworks, Geometria is participating in the introduction of a work management system at the Azerbaijani Waterworks (Azersu). Reaching a new milestone of its aspirations launched several years ago to open towards export markets, Budapest Waterworks has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Azersu company providing water supply and sewerage services to Azerbaijan. In the first phase of the cooperation, Azersu’s work management activities will be modernized, among other things, with the introduction of an IT solution supporting these processes. The founding stones of this cooperation are Budapest Waterworks’s considerable experience earned in this field in recent years, the common endeavours and the business course that Azersu is setting out to walk just now, and that Budapest Waterworks have already taken in part.  Budapest Waterworks have opted for Geometria as the supplier of the work management system, i.e. Mirtusz, which also supports their own operations. Geometria acts as a subcontractor in the project, where – in preparation of the introduction of the work management system, the elaboration of a feasibility study is in progress with the participation of experts from Budapest Waterworks, Azersu and Geometria. As a result of the feasibility study, the detailed plan for the introduction of the system will be made. After several rounds of consultations in person, the final version of the preparative material will be delivered to Azersu in April.