ASTRA BI – Novel service for the support of business analyses at ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group
17. 3. 2014.

In the IT environments of public utility suppliers, the databases of technical, economic, work and project management solutions keep historic data now looking back on decades. The retrospectively stored and continuously generated information and data have come to offer a sufficiently long perspective for the examination of the technical and economic processes of the given company with analytic and statistical means. High-level, comprehensive studies may have the potential to unveil such hidden correlations in the activities of the companies that cannot be detected on the level of large databases of heterogeneous structures. The trends, courses of development, changes in the efficiency indicators so identified are valuable information for the senior management, the shapers of business strategies or even operative executors.

Recognizing the opportunities that are inherent in business analyses, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group has decided on the introduction of a new, corporate level service, ASTRA BI – services supporting business analyses, which has been implemented by Geometria. This task has involved the assessment of the systems making operative data available (including applications created and supported by Geometria, such as mobile work management (Mirtusz), condition assessment (Halász), maintenance of network records (EEGIS)), structuring and uploading of the ASTRA BI data warehouse serving the analyses, the compilation and publication of ASTRA BI statements, analyses.

The ASTRA BI system principally covers the business analysis of technical areas, such as

  • work management, the analysis of the efficiency and capacity utilization indicators of field work
  • preparation of authority statements relating to network errors, operating disturbances
  • preparation of reports analyzing conformance to the guaranteed services of the electric distribution network,
  • analysis of the inventory, life cycle and status data of network devices
  • monitoring of change management processes associated with the electric distribution network

The created environment as a framework system will be suitable for the involvement of further areas of analysis, such as

  • Analysis of maintenance, ongoing operation, sustenance planning
  • Preparation of reports supplying key indicators for the management
  • Elaboration of assessments in preparation for decisions on network design, network development, investment

On the Astra BI interface, the analyses are also available in the form of interactive dashboards and downloadable, printable reports. The geographic location, data associated with the given organizational unit can be examined in map format, as well. In the interpretation of the data appearing in the ASTRA BI interface, the viewing user is assisted by the AstraPédia documentation interface, which shows the place of the origin, validity of data in details, alongside the transformation processes used for the preparation of statements.

The data of the ASTRA BI system come from 10 operative sources systems. Updated on a daily basis, the ASTRA BI data warehouse contains approx. 180 entities with 20 logical presentation models built upon them. In the ASTRA BI interface, approx. 70 dashboards of 10 topics, as well as statements and reports are available for corporate users categorized in 6 different groups of interests and authorities. The data warehouse has been structured with the use of Oracle Warehouse Builder, whereas the business analyses have been implemented with the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition device.