SZEGMENS application deployed live at FŐTÁV Ltd.
17. 3. 2014.

Early March saw FŐTÁV’s live deployment of the SZEGMENS application developed by Geometria. Backed by an event log module that is supported by network inspection, the application allows the simple and quick provision of information to the company’s customers in relation to the foreseeable and ongoing service problems, works in public places involving traffic restrictions. In the working map at the site, the supplied buildings are shown on Google maps in colored frames that indicate the given service situation, while icons represent the actual working sites. By clicking on the given object, the customer can have access to further information, such as the expected completion date of the work and its description. The external use of the application is very simple, and is based on the Google map functions.

Consequently, the SZEGMENS system enhances customer satisfaction by way of the continuous provision of accurate information, and on the other hand it considerably reduces the number of questions, reports received by customer services, thereby contributing to the efficient operation of the organization.