Geometria contributes to the creation of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group’s public utility data service system.
17. 3. 2014.

As Government Decree 324/2013 (Aug 29) prescribes data service obligations for public utility suppliers in connection with their standardized electronic public utility records, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group is relying on Geometria Ltd’s contribution to framing the electronic public utility data service environment to be implemented for compliance with the given statutory requirements. Geometria Ltd has been appointed to design the environment and structure the expected WMS, WFS services. A goal has been that the implementation of the system should not call for the procurement of new software devices, licenses, and therefore the environment has been built on ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group’s existing IT infrastructure. The primary source of data services is ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group’s EEGIS network record-keeping system that will be amended by the Group in conformance to the statutory requirements.