Supporting the organization and on the field execution of network health check at ELMÛ-ÉMÁSZ
27. 2. 2011.

The first phase of the HALÁSZ project will be finished soon. The aim of the project is to create the IT support of the cyclic health checking of the electricity network. The pilot phase will start in the coming weeks, after the trainings.

The system consists of two modules. The core module provides the follow up and execution monitoring of the health checking works, covering the starting, the on the field execution, the quality checking and the closing of the works. The HALÁSZ Mobil application provides the field workers with electronic templates to register information on the health checked network elements, with an easy to use touch screen.

HALÁSZ is tightly integrated with the EEGIS network registry system, data for on the field identification are loaded from EEGIS onto the templates of the reports. The connection with MIRTUSZ workforce management system grants that the field worker receives every work from one source, including the health checking works.

Every data retrieved during the health checks are connected to the corresponding element of the network registry. This enables the asset management responsibles of the license holder to take into account the retrieved data in the maintenance and reconstruction strategy.