The INIS-NEPLAN interface is ready for delivery
2. 2. 2011.

E.ON is using ABB NEPLAN for executing network planning and supporting the planning activities, both for its gas and electricity distribution networks. NEPLAN is a system of network simulator applications, and it uses the technical, the load and the topological data of the network elements to provide network modeling and planning, besides the graphical visualization of the network elements. For example, NEPLAN supports the following analyses: load-flow calculations, short circuit analysis, contingency analysis, determination of the optimal opening point, stability calculations.

The technical, topological and geographical data of E.ON’s networks are stored in the INIS (Integrated Network Information System) network registry system. To gain information about the network load measurement results from SCADA and REGINFO and the consumer and consumption data from SAP IS-U are assigned to the network elements by INIS.

The INIS interface developed by Geometria generates the export data of the selected network with NEPLAN compatible SQL structure. The exported data can be imported into NEPLAN. The interface performs transformation on the INIS data depending on to the type of the utility:

  • It generates input point and additional vertices/breakpoints for the lines,
  • Removes unnecessary objects from the model,
  • To provide continuous graphical visualization it generates links (graphical connector objects) from the original EOV coordinates of the network elements
  • It calculates load data from load-measurements results at the sink-point

This interface development enables E.ON to implement a system level, strategic planning process that is based on the actual contents of the interconnected network and consumer databases.

Currently the acceptance testing of the INIS-NEPLAN interface by the electric utility side is taking place.