Monitoring easement processes at the ELMÛ-ÉMÁSZ group
8. 3. 2011.

One of the actual duties of the public utility companies is to consolidate all easement records, a task coming from EU harmonization. This is an administrative work lasting for several years, built up from numerous steps and involving hundreds of thousands of cases. Geometria developed an application that supports and controls this administrative work and that several company uses this application in the daily work.

Easement registration requires significant resources, reaching the magnitude of billions (HUF). The management and scheduling of the related costs is therefore important part of the cash-flow management, requiring accurate planning and controlling. Prognosis making in this sense means financial forecasting for the ELMÛ-ÉMÁSZ group based on the easement registry database. The process of easement registration is a long lasting (several months or even a year long) process, in which different kinds of costs occur scattered along the timeline of the process. Because of the high number of the cases, the sum of the costs may reach the level of hundred thousands HUF per month. Regarding this amount, the accuracy of the prognosis for these costs does matter.

The application developed by Geometria is assuring this accuracy: based on the known process and the list of active tasks it calculates the expected costs and their structure in monthly breakdown. The calculation may be fine-tuned with the help of several parameters and the application even offers “what if” type analyses.