New successful project for STEDIN
8. 11. 2010.

Processing the low voltage electric network – Utrecht-ElektraBased on its legally obligatory data expansion/enhancement regulation the Dutch Council of Energy asked Stedin, one of the largest public utility network operator companies, to register the deployment date of the distribution cables of the low voltage network, and also how it was determined. For this purpose there must be an audittrail log for the whole process, that contains the processed and used data and also the decisions that were taken.

Stedin turned with this task to Geometria. The two companies have maintained a successful partnership since 2003. The recently finished project was the part of a larger program (Programma Datakwaliteit) that aims the enhancement of the network quality and providing data quality.

In this project we had to complete the following subtasks:

  • creating a database to the graphical files of the main lines and household connection network in Microstation/Oracle environment,
  • creating the database of the main lines and household connection network from source data,
  • providing analyses and statistics,
  • report making.

Main numbers in the project:

  • 253440 line segments, 11198.369 km of network processed,
  • assigning date (year) data to 195096 active line segments,
  • processing 253810 line objects,
  • 539918 projection for household connections.

14.6% of the processed electric network belonged to the household connection network, the rest were the main lines. The processing was done with different methods. The main line network was displayed on registry maps in Microstaion environment. The data of the household connections were stored in two different, consumer address based databases. The databases could be connected to the address related coordinates of the topological map (Dutch base map: GBKN). The database of the electricity network in Microstation environment and Oracle system was created with the help of the Geometria developed software.

During the determination of the year of deployment we completed the below tasks:

  • creating Oracle database from alphanumeric and graphic data,
  • automatic and manual connection of alphanumeric and graphic data of substations and switch cabinets,
  • creating network topology, correcting graphical errors,
  • quality enhancement and complementing of alphanumeric data,
  • projection of substation and switching cabinet data on the main line network with network traversal,
  • projection of household connection data on the power lines with automatic and manual graphical methods,
  • network traversal for the household connection network was completed separately, using a different rule set,
  • every year that was determined this way was displayed on the map,
  • every network traversal and year determination (inheritance) method and data was stored in a predefined, complex structured log file. With the help of the log files the source of the determined year can be tracked.

To achieve proper results, the automatic processing in Oracle used a predefined rule set and multi-level iteration. The alphanumeric and graphic changes were stored in separate ‘history’ tables. The result of the final iteration also contained the id number of the applied rule.

The project started in April 2010 and finished in October and it prepared the migration of STEDIN’s low voltage network. At the project closing the STEDIN made a writen statement of its gratidue, appreciation and maximal satisfaction in connection with the execution and the results of the project.