Geodetic GIS and e-public utility publication


NKM Áramhálózati Ltd. (NKM) annually builds about 600 to 1,000 pieces of linear investment and 3000-5000 pieces of connecting cable. In addition to the maintenance of the current geodetic and technical records and their management, the maintenance of the database of the e-public utility data service would have been added such a workload on the company, which could not be served by the existing capacity. That’s why, we had to find a solution, which modernizes the existing geodetic database management thereby freeing up significant capacity on the side of NKM, and in the same time, the company can meet its obligations of service in e-public utility without the involvement of additional capacities.

The planning and the implementation of a new, central Geodetic GIS system were parts of the task, where the geodetic partners can continuously keep up-to-date the data of the track surveys, and from where – due to the integrated system – the e-public utility’s service automatically can be provided. In the framework of the project the initial migration of the track data has been carried out for the entire service area of NKM.

During the implementation of the system only free of charge basic softwares were used, so the operating system, the database management system, the basic software, which supports the graphic display and the e-public utility data publication supporter server components have also been selected in a cost-effective manner.