The integrated IT support of the network construction works


Since the realization of the unbundling, so since 2007, NKM Áramhálózati Ltd. was in a contractual relationship with the network operator NKM Partner Ltd. and with the network constructor Prímavill Ltd. In this situation, each member company performed the workforce planning and organization tasks by themselves. Due to the changes in 2014, these organizations were merged into NKM Áramhálózati Ltd., so the network licensee instead of the existing contractual relationship received significant internal resource planning and management tasks on the merged electrician staff.

Because the network construction staff was lacked the IT support, which was provided since 2009, to the operational staff to work with, it raised the demand for supporting the planning and control of the implementation works as well.
Among the business goals were, in order to exploit synergies and thereby to increase efficiency the operator and the network constructor staff needed to be drawn near to each other as much as possible, and let the two resource circle “interoperability” to be possible (network constructors involvement to the stress relief tasks, to the operator tasks, to the incident response tasks, and the involvement of the operators to the network construction). Based on these, it seemed appropriate to support the implementation scheduling as part of MIRTUSZ workforce management system, which was already used by the operators. This made possible all the work that must be completed (construction, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, renovation), and the entire internal technician staff to be handled within a single system, thus broadening the competencies of the technicians a shared resource planning and optimization can be achieved, both short and long term.

Because the resource and data content of the construction tasks are different than the operation-maintenance tasks’, we had to solve that these tasks should take place in a structured way, the detailed planning of these tasks based on the construction organizational aspects, the assignment of human and material resources, the task distribution to the mobile devices of the field technicians, and the support of each implementation and planning item re-reporting should occur as well.

During the planning process two possible options emerged: in one case, the source of the implementation tasks was the DTIR budget preparation system, while in the other case the source was a complex digital design support system that goes through the entire investment process, and manage different levels of technical plans created during the process in an integrated way, and also the related budgets and expense reports.
Based on the decision of the NKM at this stage the first solution was developed, but at a later stage, it is possible to implement the complex solution as well.