Participation in the 42nd International Gas Conference and Exhibition
2. 10. 2010.

The most important and prominent event for the gas industry in Hungary is the International Gas Conference and Exhibition, which took place 28-29. September this year. This was a 42nd occasion and the location was at the Hotel Azúr, Siófok, Hungary. The organizer was the Hungarian Gas Association with the partner organizations, while the host was Fõvárosi Gázmûvek Zrt.

One of the main topics of the conference was the compliance with the 3rd EU energy package, that requires 20% cut of energy consumption from the member states by 2020. The 3rd energy package also specifies that by 2020 the energy portfolio should contain 20% more renewable than it has now.

Geometria also participated as an exhibitor in the exhibition connected to the conference, where several companies showed their new methods, products and services. There was a significant number of visitors at our installation who were looking for information about Geometria’s work management software, the MIRTUSZ. The main, central application that was shown at the exhibition is capable of sending the different types of tasks registered by the dispatcher to the mobile field computers. It is also capable of optimizing the sequence of the tasks based on the available resources (who, where, which skills, location of the task). The mobile application connecting to the central applicati szereplõ on provides local support for the field crew by visualizing the network on maps and by enabling them to register the used materials and other administrative data.