The second phase of the WAM project is coming to the end
8. 9. 2010.

The WAM project started in the summer of 2008 in MAVIR and the second phase of the project is now coming to its end. At the end of Q2 2009, in the first phase the network registration has been developed in the new environment and the migration of the network data stored in MAHALIA, the previous information system has been also performed.

In the second phase services supporting workforce management (WFM), project and business planning and implementation are going to be introduced. In this second phase the integration of the mobile onsite services and the right of way registration were executed. Trainings were kept in May of 2010, then the successful acceptance tests followed in June and finally the deployment of the system in the productive environment. The final process step is the transition from the previous system to WAM.

The WAM system is going to be realized with the integration between IBM MAXIMO and Intergraph G/Technology.