System deliveries at DÉMÁSZ
8. 10. 2010.

As part of the reconstruction work of the network inventory system at DÉMÁSZ (South Hungarian Power Supply cPlc.) and in order to follow the network investments, in the spring of 2010 Geometria delivered several new applications for EDF DÉMÁSZ Hálózati Elosztó Kft. (EDF DHE).

DÉMÁSZ is soon to start building up the digital database of its low-voltage network. The new version of the KIF-X application, extended based on the experiences gained during the pilot deployment, has been installed recently. In the frame of the low voltage data conversion the KIF-X application will support the office and the onsite data collection and data clarification. The main two modules of the system are the central administration module and the on-site data collection module. The central administration module keeps track of the over 11.000 data processing units enabling the compilation of the data packages, the issue of the tasks, the exact status tracking, the control of input data and reporting the whole process. The onsite data collection module has some specific functionality that ensures the consistent branch specific data collection and the unit based self-control. The main purpose of the application is to facilitate the efficiency and the control of the high volume conversion work over several years.

As another important milestone of this spring, the BERTA Investment Supporting System has been delivered as well. It provides direct IT support for EDF DHE in executing investment projects. The system handles investments initiated by EDF DHE itself and also ones that are requested by customers, covering the whole investment process from arising the demand until the activation. The main units of the process are the development, the planning and the implementation, within which several process steps, status and descriptive information are recorded, thus the system can contribute to the improvement of the individual and company level control of the investment processes.

In the second quarter we delivered the enhanced ÁRTEMISZ GIS system. The new version of the inventory system ensures the registration of the high voltage network as well within the standard and consistent ÁRTEMISZ Concept, smoothly linking to the medium and the low voltage network data. Parallel to the application development the base software has been upgraded as well: the new version of ÁRTEMISZ GIS is running on Smallworld v4.11. Beside this ÁRTEMISZ GIS WEB has been upgraded too, thus DÉMÁSZ is running its GIS system with the latest SIAS technology, making quick and easy access to network maps and information.