New generation MIRTUSZ at FŐTÁV-Komfort

This autumn a work management system based on renewed foundations and with simplified functionality will be delivered to FŐTÁV-Komfort.

The new generation work management system that is equipped with simplified user interface, and will support the planning, implementation and control of FŐTÁV-Komfort’s heat center-related work flows has been developed this year.
The peculiarity of the application named MirKo (MIRTUSZ Komfort) is that it deploys a user interface that is “friendly” to such user groups that have not used the new work management system before. The user interface that resembles those of the commonly used programs (Excel, MS Project, etc.), as well as the user experience helps quick familiarization and convenient work.

The system consists of three units:

1. the central module supporting work planning and organization;
2. the mobile technician module that can be used on tablet or phone;
3. the web reporting module that facilitates control and analysis.

The end user testing period starts in October, and from next year FŐTÁV-Komfort is expected to perform its heat center-related work flows with the support of the MirKo system.