Additional developments in MIRTUSZ Work Management System

One of the key strategic products of our company is the MIRTUSZ Work Management System, which is constantly renewed and developed according to our medium to long-term development agenda. One of our latest trends is to further enhance field work by using AR (augmented reality) technology.
With the help of AR, workers can see things on field, that otherwise are not visible to the naked eye, but they can provide a lot of information to help their work. This information increases work efficiency and the quality of the work done, thereby contributes to the operation of public utilities in order to support a sustainable environment.
With AR, MIRTUSZ’s mobile solution is capable of displaying the real world in 3D through a mobile device, inserting the non-visible objects in their real-world position. For example, the utility network elements (wiring, selectors, pipes), that are located underground or in buildings, are known but not visible. These elements are displayed proportionally scaled, in a 3D image created by a mobile device camera.
In addition to its own financial resources, Geometria submitted a tender for the invitation announced by Hungarian Government in order to support the R & D & I activities of companies (GINOP-2.1.2-8.1.4-16).