Integrated operation control system at ELMŰ, ÉMÁSZ companies
8. 3. 2010.

As the subcontractor of Prolan Zrt. Geometria is taking part in the realization of the new operation control system of ELMÛ, ÉMÁSZ.
The tender announced for the supply of the operation control system of ÉMÁSZ has been attained by Prolan Zrt. In 2011 Prolan is going to put in operation a new integrated operation control system (IDCS = Integrated Distributing Center Solution) in the supply area of ÉMÁSZ, and then in 2015 in the supply area of ELMÛ. Modules assuring the up-to-date EMS/DMS services of the operation control system will be delivered by Telvent DMS, a company from Vojvodina. The IDCS system should be realized in integration with the IT systems (network registration system, workforce management system) already operating at ELMÛ, ÉMÁSZ. The task of Geometria is to develop interfaces required to the integration.

EEGIS, the network registration system covering the three voltage levels of ELMÛ, ÉMÁSZ, includes the technical and topological data of the primary equipments of the electric networks (substation equipments, LV, MV, HV networks). The IDCS system will obtain these data and all changes occurring in the network from EEGIS system through a GML file-based interface developed in this project. With this integrated solution redundant network registrations will not be produced at ELMÛ, ÉMÁSZ. The standard company-level registration, beside different other IT processes, can efficiently support operation control as well.

The MIRTUSZ system developed by Geometria is the work management system of ELMÛ, ÉMÁSZ companies operating the network. Real-time interfaces built on web services (SOAP) should be developed between IDCS and MIRTUSZ, which assure the required exchange of information between the two companies in the course of preventing outages and completing planned jobs with voltage exemption. Through the interfaces dispatchers can require technicians for completing switches necessary in the network, they can pass work orders planned in the IDCS system and data concerning outages occurring in the HV, MV networks to the network operators and also to the central customer service.