2009: challenging, but successful year behind us
8. 12. 2009.

Tibor Tenke, Managing Director of GEOMETRIA evaluated the business performance of 2009 and emphasized that the company looks forward to a hopeful year 2010.
Last year, the economic difficulties affected our company as well. Our clients, hopefully temporarily but reduced their IT expenditures, so instead of performing an outstanding business result, GEOMETRIA accomplished on the average (only!) a profitable fiscal year in 2009.

Beyond the business performance, in the last year we have had several significant results from a technological point of view.

Following about two years of design and development, in December we successfully delivered the Integrated Network Information System (INIS) for the companies of E.ON Hungary Zrt. The base system went live in January, the different moduls of the system will be implemented continually during the next months.

The execution of EEGIS network – registration system delivered for ELMÛ Hálózati Kft. and ÉMÁSZ Hálózati Kft., in addition taken into live operation in summer was an other significant event of 2009. This system took place of low, -medium,- and high voltage network – registration systems installed in the 90’s. The development and installation of the system were performed in 14 months including data migration.

The accomplishment of the first phase of WAM system made together with IBM Hungary Kft. for MAVIR Zrt. was an important event of the last year. The system, supporting the registration, workforce management and asset management of transition network builds on the close integration of IBM Maximo and Intergraph G/technology based GIS system. Following the first phase already in use we perform the design and development tasks of the second phase.

DÉMÁSZ Partner Kft. rolled out the MIRTUSZ Outage and Work Management System concerning the whole service area in the first quarter of 2009. On the basis of user experience we performed the fine tuning of the system provided with automatic resource allocation module, a mobile worksheet operation, in close integration with SAP functioning by user satisfaction.

The development of the high voltage network operation, so-called Artemisz GIS Modul at DÉMÁSZ has started in the last year and be continued in 2010. The reconstruction of the more than ten year old network-registration system at Fõvárosi Vízmûvek Zrt. is similarly one of the most significant assignments at GEOMETRIA.

In the face of a still stagnant economic environment, we look forward to a well prepared, hopeful 2010.

Our objective during the next period is to take considerable steps concerning the IT support of the network asset management. For the achievement of this we intensely adopt the relevant international experience, execute target oriented tasks and prepare for the acquisition of necessary IT application skills.

Hopefully, by means of the gratification of real demands we can enlarge our clientele further in 2010 both in the domestic and Dutch market.