INIS live operation
25. 1. 2010.

The live operation of INIS system started on 18th January 2008 at E.ON Hungária Zrt.INIS (Integrated Network Information System) system running on Oracle database, using Intergraph G/Technology GIS product, so called G!NIUS industry template is a network-registration system, which manages data of electric network and gas network as well.

At present the data of the medium – voltage electric network migrated from the previous IT system is available. The WEB module of the system is in live operation at the beginning of February at customer services where at the moment the test operation is going on. The module concerning the management of previously installed rights of way is closely integrated in the system.

INIS, as the registration system of public utility network assets of E.ON Hungary joint companies, is the basis of all company processes, which has to supply data of the network objects to internal or external users. These processes are the network – maintenance, – the development, – the investment planning and the operation control activities of the company.

The integration is deployed towards the SCADA system and the interfaces towards the SAP PM module, the SAP IS-U customer service module, the NEPLAN network calculation and the FSMS workforce management systems will be executed in the near future.