WEB support for digital public utility data supply
24. 7. 2009.

GEOMERTIA made a solution for public utility digital data supply for FÕTÁV Zrt.  

The client demanding the service can request the needed data via webshop. The solution makes the time of the data supply shorter, raises its preciseness and reduces the labour force demand at FÕTÁV Zrt.

The WEB application can gratify the internal data supply of FÕTÁV Zrt. and the demands of external clients as well. It is possible to “buy” according to a formerly paid amount (pre-paid) and also to pay for the service posteriorly (postpaid). The map can be enlarged to more scale factors, even from the 1:25000 rate to the 1:500 rate. Following the selection of the map item, different data of the map item can be requested by e-mail. The search function in the system is supported by a quick – search function as well. During the development of the WEB design, there was an important aspect that the functions and categories would follow the practice used in webshops. Due to an easier usage, by means of a price calculator the client can see immediately the price of the items to be bought.

FÕTÁV can make reports of the data in many ways referring to its clientele, among others either concerning a certain client, a given period or the required data.