GIS server is a GIS base system of the location based service of T-Mobile Telecommunications Ltd. The GIS base system answers the questions e,g,. where the nearest filling station, bank automat, etc. asked by mobile subscribers via SMS or WAP. The GIS server is connected to the mobile telecommunications network through a so-called “middleware”, which passes the questions towards GIS server, forwards its services and sends position information on the geographic place of subscriber.

The application server of GIS server is built on GeoMedia WebMap. The database server of GIS server stores all map and content data in an Oracle database. (e.g. filling stations, bank automats, Westel shops, etc.) In case of map data, the database server uses the services of Oracle Spatial.

The change management workstation enables the loading, handling and modifying the data of base map and the other content information of GIS server database. The map contains Hungary in full in the scale of 1: 50,000, and within settlements also the public domain network.

The application and database server of GIS server run separately from each other in clusters on high reliable hardware, providing the intense reliability of the system.

The communication between GIS server and “middleware” is carried out on two channels, using XML protocol:

  • Content data
  • Map data management.

Functions supported by GIS server:

  • Question/Reply concerning to subcategory lists within certain content category.
  • Question/Reply concerning data of one certain content data.
  • Question/Reply concerning the address of a certain position.
  • Question /Reply concerning a map sheet of certain locality, identified by position or addres
  • Question/Reply concerning a map sheet, which contains certain POI (Point of Interest) information, belonging to certain locality, identified by position or address.