Network Intelligence
NET.i system is the equipment, circuit and optical fibre management system of Antenna Hungária Zrt., NET.i makes the management of capacities in telecommunication network possible to the users, even in mixed telecommunications technologies.

The system is based on the Geometria-developed frame system (GTT – Geometria Telecom Template) used for handling telecommunication networks and applying some modules of the system (circuit and bandwidth management module, equipment module, cable module and security module. NET.i stores all network data in a central Oracle database. The user interface of the application is built on efficient tools of the spreadsheet, Oracle Forms. The document manager, integrated into the system, uses Oracle iFS (Internet File System).

The most important objects of NET.i are the followings:

  • On the physical level of the capacities: sites , equipment , cards, modules, connector , physical connections of equip-ment;
  • On logical level: telecommuni-cations nodes, ports, circuits;
  • On the level of the cable network: data of different distribution frames (ODF, DDF), optical cable sections, splices, optical fibres, fibre terminations

The rules of using telecommunications objects are also stored in database. The connection between the physical and logical layer can be realized by the attachment of the port and the connector objects.
The document manager, integrated into the system makes it possible, that the user attaches flexible documents stored in the Oracle database to objects.
The most valuable part of the system is the completely converted database, which contains the optical and microwave transport network and the access network of Antenna Hungária Ltd.
NET.i offers special reports, which help the users in the operation of their network and in the management of their objects.