Network Inventory System

NIS is a network inventory system covering the Customer’s telecommunication network and telecommunication equipment and storing all the essential static network data in a unified database. NIS handles with other applications operated by the Customer, namely – SAP (Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System) and other subscribers’ systems all kind of data and documents mentioned above.

NIS integrally handles the data of the copper and optical fibre local networks, RLL (Radio in Local Loop) subscribers’ radio devices, the data of copper and optical long distance networks, trunk networks, the data of route and radio (microwave) objects, the data of telecom equipment, logistical tools and public payphones. Apart from the basic inventory function, NIS supports essential operational works, such as providing network data for connecting and transferring new subscribers (searching for free pairs), creating point-point connections, supporting maintenance work with network data, supplying network data for designing new objects and fault repairing, for economical and financial systems and also supplying network data for statistics.

The system displays the network and its objects on different scale maps and schemes. Zooming and cutting action and the data content can be altered as required, starting from the overview level up to the telecom floors, and allocation drawing of the racks. The graphical views in NIS correlate to the graphical parts of the traditional telecom registrations.

In server client architecture-based NIS the central system-administrating computer, a SUN server of high performance carries out the database server activities. Central servers run the followings: Oracle relational database controller, Intergraph FRAMME (Facilities Rule Based Application Management Model Environment) and ArchiWare documentation controlling server of HyperMedia Systems Computer Technique Ltd.
NIS application possesses both graphical and alphanumerical user interfaces. The system users at the client workstations work with application system modules built on FRAMME, Bentley MicroStation 95, Microsoft Visual Basic, Oracle Report, ArchiWare base software. The NIS applications to be installed at the client side possess functions and authorisations defined for a certain specialised field.

The WEB-based module of the system guarantees the cost efficient accessibility of NIS database even through the company Internet. The peripheral units are highly reliable HP devices.
Application design and development support were performed using Oracle Designer 2000 CASE device.

NIS serves both the northern and southern regions’ users running each in a single network. The service network operates as a local network logically.
During the project the completed database was the most valuable part of NIS system. NIS registers the telecommunication network of 59 settlements (36.073 ha municipality area, 390.200 ha outskirts) on the northern service area and 65 settlements on the southern service area.
The system has been completed by a multi-level protection, including the standard fault-tolerant hardware tools, the authorisation checking at operation system, database handling and NIS applications level, the continuous checking of input data on a rule-based logic, the registration of changes occurred during every transaction and the frequent archiving.