NAVTEQ Field Work Budapest

The aim of the project was the field work of Budapest roads by car. The task at the field work was to register the attributes of the route’s GPS track, traffic regulations of the relevant route network and other necessary attributes, needed to navigation. This registration extended to the existing and new routes.

Geometria used as reference the plots in the scale of 1:500 from the Navteq database. Using Navteq standards, Geometria staff marked on the plots the traffic regulations; traffic signs, road markings, and for it is about ‘Detailed City’ area, further attributes to help navigation (e.g. service roads, special cross-roads, forbidden operations, addresses). The project members included experienced operators, trained at Navteq internal courses, working on the project in two-member teams. One of the crew was the driver, the other one did field-survey, but both were able to provide both tasks. The execution was completed by the teams as regional units, but the order within the regions and working time was flexible.

The product of the field-work project is a digital database with GPS track and a set of plots containing traffic regulations.