Bentley Systems Europe, B.V.

Bentley is one of the leading companies in the world developing CAD and GIS basic software. Geometria is a so called “GeoSource Solutions Provider” of distinguished Bentley partner.

GE Network Solutions

GE Network Solutions is one of the most dynamic improving companies on the area of GIS based utility applications. Smallworld, the basic GIS software, is a product of GE Network Solutions, which can be completed by several industrial application modules (e.g. telecommunications, designer, dispatcher, etc.). GE Network Solutions aims to deliver solutions with complex product base in order to reduce the demand of individual development. Geometria as a “World Class Partner” of GE Network Solutions is distributor of Smallworld products in Hungary.

Intergraph Corporation

Intergraph, having the technical experience of many decades, is the market leader company in the field of utility applications. Intergraph has developed an industry specified GIS tool set for telecommunications and utility companies. Geometria have been using Intergraph products for accomplishment of its applications since 1989. Applying the technical knowledge of Integraph we have participated in several European projects, in development of Intergraph-based systems.
Geometria supports the implementation of Intergraph products in Hungary as so-called “Solution Centre” and as registered consultant, “Registered Solution Center” (RSC). The RSC agreement covers the utility solutions of the company, i.e. Intergraph G/Technology and Geomedia GIS products. Geometria focuses in the marketing of Intergraph products outstandingly on utility market users.

Oracle Corporation

Realising the advantage of integrated storage and handling graphic and alphanumeric data, Oracle has developed Oracle Spatial module, which enables the simultaneous handling of both data types in an open environment. Geometria is the very first company in Hungary supporting Oracle Spatial application. The company performs the Oracle-based system implementation as “Partner” in the Oracle Partnernetwork System.

gita Magyarország

The GITA Association (Geospatial Information & Technology Association) is a technical informatics organisation specializing in the field of utilities, and aims to spread the associated knowledge to the relevant companies.