MIRTUSZ – Vízművek

The Customer and Workforce Management System for Waterworks of Budapest

The Waterworks of Budapest (Vízmûvek) audited the enterprise processes within the company in 2004-2005, in order to support the constantly increasing demands in co-ordination, central management and work scheduling and to improve the efficiency of pipe network related tasks and processes. Vízmûvek had carried out a large reform in organizational structures. The field work operation management and scheduling had been centralized, and a special norm system had been introduced in field work execution.

Business demands

The organizational reforms made the proper IT support of changed processes necessary. The main target of the project was to support the closed processes of the workforce management activities, starting from the customer relationship management through the work scheduling, dispatching and monitoring, up to the technical and financial settlement.

Technical content

MIRTUSZ, the Customer and Workforce Management System provides IT support of pipeline networks’ trouble reports and the technical demand handling, the central resource management and workforce management and the electronic worksheet management for field workers working on pipeline network.

The implemented MIRTUSZ system is closely integrated with some modules of the SAP enterprise resource management system at Vízmûvek (directly with: IS-U, PM, MM modules; indirectly with: HR, CO, IM-PS modules) and co-operates with another applications in the enterprise IT environment like network registration system, central address register, water quality analysing laboratory system, GPS based vehicle tracking systems and security entrance system.

The trouble and demand management module of MIRTUSZ, integrated into SAP IS-U CIC platform for trouble report receiving and consumer history management, is a considerable progress in consumers’ trouble and demand management for the central Contact Centre. The application allows the Contact Centre staff to provide information for the reporting consumer about the following issues: the on-going planned and ad hoc works, the relevant area in the service outage according to the integrated branch specific and basic map preview, expectable restoration time, the progress of the technical execution at trouble reports or demands and former occurrences.

The implemented Workforce Management Module, the Resource Management Module, the Dispatcher Map Module help the central dispatcher service in the optimal planning, scheduling, dispatching and monitor of trouble and demand reports coming from the Contact Centre. The Dispatcher Map Module allows the tracking of (GPS) field workers’ vehicles, supporting the work assignment in critical situations to the most optimal field worker team.

The GPRS communication based mobile device using the MIRTUSZ Mobile Application, the electronic worksheet management system, enables for the dispatcher service the work dispatch and the flexible work re-scheduling according to changing priorities because of the ad-hoc, urgent reports by the daytime. In the Mobile Application, the map and alphanumeric content of the full network registration system is available for the field worker. The completed work can be registered and documented on the site both in technical (registration and workforce management) and in expenditure (assets’ and working hours’ use, SAP MM, PM modules) point of view. The accounting of field activities getting along the central MIRTUSZ system appears almost immediately in the proper PM orders of the SAP enterprise resource management system, which helps the continuous cost monitoring of works.


The MIRTUSZ system had been implemented in two phases. The modules, implemented in the first phase, in June 2005, support the following activities: management of the pipeline network trouble reports and the consumer orders, the planning, scheduling, dispatching and accounting of break-down, maintenance and operation, investment and return[-oriented] works. At this time additionally, the field workers had been equipped with the Mobile Application, but only with an off-line, once a day docking work dispatch and accounting system.

The second phase, in autumn 2005 had accomplished the GPRS based communication of mobile devices and the real operation of central GPS based vehicle tracking.

Background information

The most important data managed by the system per year:

Consumers 550 000
Trouble reports / technical demands of consumers 34 000 / 5000
Trouble works 20 500
Investment, maintenance and operation works 10 500
Work management centre 1
Work management dispatcher / work planner 5 / 5
Directed field work team / field worker 50


The implementation of the system has large advantages for the most relevant users of the work management system, i.e. for the staff of the Contact Centre, the Central Dispatcher Service, the field workers and the Controlling. As a result of the project, the duration and efficiency of pipeline network related work processes at Vízmûvek had increased largely along with keeping the service level quality. The over-booking of the former special work and delivery tools had ceased and the running kilometres of vehicles had decreased dramatically. Due to the integrated solution and the mobile application, the technical and financial control of work execution had improved and became punctual to minute.

The results and the success of the project confirmed the CXO management of Vízmûvek in the effort, that the MIRTUSZ workforce management system, closely integrated with SAP system has to be extended to all processes of the field work activity. The real operation of the system had been started in June 2007, in addition to the currently running pipeline network (water distribution network) area for the support of water production, maintenance, operation and investments works.

After the implementation of MIRTUSZ, Geometria provides on site system operation support and regular version up-grade within the frame of the support frame agreement.