Centralized plant operation accumulates a growing amount of information to be handled. Decision making for optimal network operation needs fresh, precise, detailed information on the instantaneous status of the whole system, in order to shorten and lowen any network malfunction or outage. For the appropriate decision, information should be collected from different sources and to be sorted into an integrated, easy-to-use form.
This support is a company level integrated, process optimalized network administration system (DMS/OMS) which is capable to collect all the requisite information and to present it for the decision makers.

Centralized network operation with integrated IT support for Distribution Management System / Outage Management System

The GEOMETRIA DMS/OMS concept is an integrated, central decision making supporting system for network operation based on system registries (GIS/NIS), event statistics, is linked to plant operation (SCADA), planned maintenance (PM), account assistance (CIS) modules, workflow management systems (WfMS/WMS), mobile terminals, company databases (UDW) and management information systems (MIS).