Mobile Serviceman

The main goal of our system is to accelerate field works. The Mobile Serviceman network and the central IT systems are integrated into a wireless network. The Mobile Serviceman can communicate with several company communication systems like:

  • Account assistance system to get complaint addresses, error descriptions, and to give real time information about the commence of the field work and the expected completion time.
  • Workflow Management System to fetch an electronic worksheet and provide technical information
  • Network Information System to fetch detailed map and technical information about the issued network parts, and provide any new technical information about its status
  • Storekeeping System to send any parts order or to set any field parts utilisation
  • Company Management System to timestamp and control the operative field work time, and to calculate expenses.

Our main objective is to make this system an easy-to-use and handful tool for any field worker. The Mobile Serviceman is designed to be used quickly – even in rough conditions – on only one logical built interface.