Our Mission

The aim of our activity is to support our Customers through IT services in their daily operation. We are aware that business relations rely on confidence. We do our best to prove worthy of the Customers’ honourable confidence.

Current Challenges in IT

Information technology helps organizations carry out their business strategies, increasing their competitiveness and decreasing their business risks. The experience of the past few years has shown that a great number of requirements have to be met, before IT investments yield a return. The task of information technology at these days is to provide solution. Consequently we believe that we are able to support our business partners properly, if we have deep knowledge of their business activities. In order to be familiar with this knowledge, we lay special emphasis on the market environment and the individual situation of our customers and for the complex management of the proposed business solutions. Through the combination of special and sector specific knowledge and IT experience it is possible to provide services, which improves the value and efficiency of the activity.

Network Information System

As an impact of the utilities’ and telecom companies’ liberalization and the increasing market competition, improving the value of network assets and the growing efficiency of network related activities play greater and greater role. The demand to meet these challenges is more frequent and requires some special knowledge, too. Considerable part of the information is handled in network information related systems.

Network information technology is the entirety of all those information technology solutions, which supports the network related activities of the company directly.

Network information technology includes:

  • Network and Event Registration systems
  • Network Calculation and CAD systems
  • Workforce Management and Field Automation systems
  • Document Handling systems

Network Asset Management

Network asset management is one of the more increasingly developing areas of network information technology. The operation of network assets, the network and financial performance of network tools through optimisation, providing the execution of the company’s business strategy is meant by network asset management.

The aim of network asset management is to meet the network performance criteria of supplier and distributor network’ end-points at a defined level and minimise network development, maintenance and operation expenditures. In order to reach these goals, information of the network tools, more detailed network (performance, reliability) and financial (lifecycle costs) information are required, as before. Having all these information it is possible to improve the quality and reliability of network expenditures’ planning and optimise expenditures.

Consistent network and financial information can be provided only by integrated network and enterprise resource management systems, in which the most important task is to develop a single data model, describing the network in accordance with more disciplines.

System Integration

The organisation-oriented model is being gradually replaced by the process-oriented activity in the modern enterprise environment.

Information systems should support the new working policy, focusing on the business/network processes. As a consequence network, operational and workflow management systems need to be integrated more and more intensively. These integrated systems provide effective support to the planning, management and control of business processes. The integration, established through the IT systems helps to handle the business and network processes of the enterprise unified. The so-called enterprise databases are for the consistent, redundancy free processing and storage of relevant data giving opportunity for the most effective regulation of the company’s activity.