Successful participation in the 4th Eco-Aqua Water Utility Conference and Exhibition
20. 6. 2014.

This year, the Hungarian Water Utility Association staged the most important event of the water public utility sector, Eco-Aqua Conference and Exhibition at a new location, in Eger.    > >  

Geometria support new emergency response system for Hungarian Nattional Ambulance
17. 3. 2014.

The Hungarian National Ambulance (OMSZ) are starting a new  emergency response control system (MIR) supported by Geometria in June 2014. Using this new control system (MIR) the percentage of  ambulance cars arriving at the scene within 15 minutes after an emergency call will go higher than  85% as well as the percentage  of the arrival of the most suitably-equipped ambulance cars that will increase to 80%.   > >  

New customer in Geometria’s portfolio: the Azerbaijani Waterworks
17. 3. 2014.

As a subcontractor for Budapest Waterworks, Geometria is participating in the introduction of a work management system at the Azerbaijani Waterworks (Azersu). Reaching a new milestone of its aspirations launched several years ago to open towards export markets, Budapest Waterworks has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Azersu company providing water supply and sewerage services to Azerbaijan.   > >  

ASTRA BI – Novel service for the support of business analyses at ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group
17. 3. 2014.

In the IT environments of public utility suppliers, the databases of technical, economic, work and project management solutions keep historic data now looking back on decades. The retrospectively stored and continuously generated information and data have come to offer a sufficiently long perspective for the examination of the technical and economic processes of the given company with analytic and statistical means.   > >  

New organizational unit at EDF DÉMÁSZ: Network Access Office (HHI)
17. 3. 2014.

On 1 February 2014, modeling on the French parent company, EDF DÉMÁSZ Hálózati Elosztó Ltd (DHE) set up a new organizational unit under the name of the Network Access Office (HHI). For works performed in and around the network, the new office is in charge of managing the creation of a safe working environment and permitting the execution of actual work.   > >  

Support to the activities of the sewerage branch at Fővárosi Vízművek Ltd.
17. 3. 2014.

Last year, with settlements in the agglomeration joining the services and the takeover of the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Fővárosi Vízművek Ltd launched new operations in addition to the supply of drinking water.   > >  

SZEGMENS application deployed live at FŐTÁV Ltd.
17. 3. 2014.

Early March saw FŐTÁV’s live deployment of the SZEGMENS application developed by Geometria. Backed by an event log module that is supported by network inspection, the application allows the simple and quick provision of information to the company’s customers in relation to the foreseeable and ongoing service problems, works in public places involving traffic restrictions.   > >  

17. 3. 2014.

At the end of summer 2013 the Hungarian government came up with a rule that standardizes the electronic utility registry. Geometria Ltd. won the public procurement to test and report the E-közmű (E-utility) system and also its joining methods published by the Hungarian Ministry of Home Affairs.   > >  

Geometria contributes to the creation of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group’s public utility data service system.
17. 3. 2014.

As Government Decree 324/2013 (Aug 29) prescribes data service obligations for public utility suppliers in connection with their standardized electronic public utility records, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group is relying on Geometria Ltd’s contribution to framing the electronic public utility data service environment to be implemented for compliance with the given statutory requirements.   > >  

Spring deliveries for DÉMÁSZ
8. 4. 2011.

Delivery of new versions of the workforce management and the investment supporting systems   > >  

Monitoring easement processes at the ELMÛ-ÉMÁSZ group
8. 3. 2011.

One of the actual duties of the public utility companies is to consolidate all easement records, a task coming from EU harmonization. This is an administrative work lasting for several years, built up from numerous steps and involving hundreds of thousands of cases. Geometria developed an application that supports and controls this administrative work and that several company uses this application in the daily work.   > >  

Supporting the organization and on the field execution of network health check at ELMÛ-ÉMÁSZ
27. 2. 2011.

The first phase of the HALÁSZ project will be finished soon. The aim of the project is to create the IT support of the cyclic health checking of the electricity network. The pilot phase will start in the coming weeks, after the trainings.   > >  

New client in the Netherlands
15. 2. 2011.

Geometria was chosen to perform the review and enhancement of the water distribution network registry of the Groningen Waterworks Company.   > >  

The INIS-NEPLAN interface is ready for delivery
2. 2. 2011.

E.ON is using ABB NEPLAN for executing network planning and supporting the planning activities, both for its gas and electricity distribution networks. NEPLAN is a system of network simulator applications, and it uses the technical, the load and the topological data of the network elements to provide network modeling and planning, besides the graphical visualization of the network elements. For example, NEPLAN supports the following analyses: load-flow calculations, short circuit analysis, contingency analysis, determination of the optimal opening point, stability calculations.   > >  

New successful project for STEDIN
8. 11. 2010.

Processing the low voltage electric network – Utrecht-Elektra   > >  

System deliveries at DÉMÁSZ
8. 10. 2010.

As part of the reconstruction work of the network inventory system at DÉMÁSZ (South Hungarian Power Supply cPlc.) and in order to follow the network investments, in the spring of 2010 Geometria delivered several new applications for EDF DÉMÁSZ Hálózati Elosztó Kft. (EDF DHE).   > >  

Participation in the 42nd International Gas Conference and Exhibition
2. 10. 2010.

The most important and prominent event for the gas industry in Hungary is the International Gas Conference and Exhibition, which took place 28-29. September this year. This was a 42nd occasion and the location was at the Hotel Azúr, Siófok, Hungary. The organizer was the Hungarian Gas Association with the partner organizations, while the host was Fõvárosi Gázmûvek Zrt.   > >  

The second phase of the WAM project is coming to the end
8. 9. 2010.

The WAM project started in the summer of 2008 in MAVIR and the second phase of the project is now coming to its end. At the end of Q2 2009, in the first phase the network registration has been developed in the new environment and the migration of the network data stored in MAHALIA, the previous information system has been also performed.   > >  

Geometria participation at the ÖKO-AQUA 2010. International Water Utility Conference and Exhibition
20. 6. 2010.

Between 16-18th June 2010 the Hungarian Water Utility Association (MAVÍZ) has organized the ÖKO-AQUA International Water Utility Conference and Exhibition fourth time. The motto of the event was: “Crisis and development. Novelty – Actuality – Importance”. The conference has been organized in Fõnix Hall this year as well. At the traditional event the attendants could get insight into the novelties of the water utility industry.   > >  

Partnership contract with Meridium
15. 4. 2010.

n the electrical industry operating on the liberalized market the role of the efficient asset management is becoming more and more important. The renewed asset management is supported by several new IT products on the market. Considering the related demands of the customers, Geometria gives high priority to the network asset management and the adaptation of its up-to-date methods. The partnership contract signed with the European subsidiary of the American Meridium company in March 2010 fits into this process. In the frame of the contract Geometria has become the Hungarian representative of the RCMO (Reliability Centered Maintenance and Optimization) and the APM (Asset Performance Management) decision-supporting systems of Meridium.   > >  

WAM implementation is in the finish
8. 5. 2010.

The implementation of MAVIR’s WAM (Work and Asset Management) system is in the final phase. To enhance practical usage of the system MAVIR ordered a GIS based application from Geometria to support the off-line change management of the transmission network.   > >  

Geometria has received an “A” category supplier qualification from DÉMÁSZ again
8. 4. 2010.

Elégedettséggel nyugtázott szolgáltatás teljesítés és munkakapcsolat. Az EDF DÉMÁSZ Zrt. Logisztikai Szolgáltató Központ Beszerzési osztálya, a cég belső szabályozásának megfelelően, 2003. óta évente rendszeresen elvégzi beszállítói minősítését a mennyiségi és határidőre történő teljesítés, a nyújtott szolgáltatás és a munkakapcsolat minősége szempontjából. Ennek megfelelően a Geometria a 2009. évre vonatkozóan is elnyerte a legmagasabb, “A” kiemelkedő kategóriás minősítést.   > >  

Development of decision support based on Fuzzy logic at ELMŰ and ÉMÁSZ
24. 3. 2010.

Geometria gives high priority to the adaptation and the research of the methods promoting the efficient network asset management and its supporting systems. The development and the introduction of the decision supporting system based on Fuzzy logic among the electrical distribution licensees, performed by Geometria is one of the proofs of that. The system gives an opportunity to the transparent, parameterizable evaluation of the network elements.   > >  

Integrated operation control system at ELMŰ, ÉMÁSZ companies
8. 3. 2010.

As the subcontractor of Prolan Zrt. Geometria is taking part in the realization of the new operation control system of ELMÛ, ÉMÁSZ.   > >  

INIS live operation
25. 1. 2010.

The live operation of INIS system started on 18th January 2008 at E.ON Hungária Zrt.   > >  

Fõvárosi Vízmûvek Zrt. MIR reconstruction phase 1
18. 12. 2009.

Significant changes of the last decade concerning company business processes and the obsolescence of technologies made the recostruction of MIR system necessary at Fõvárosi Vízmûvek Zrt.   > >  

2009: challenging, but successful year behind us
8. 12. 2009.

Tibor Tenke, Managing Director of GEOMETRIA evaluated the business performance of 2009 and emphasized that the company looks forward to a hopeful year 2010.
  > >  

Stedin gas network data migration project completed
12. 10. 2009.

Stedin – a subsidiary of Eneco Holding with network operation profile – one of the biggest companies having public utility network in the Netherlands. The company operates several types of public utility networks such as gas network, high-, medium-, and low voltage electric network, district-heating and telecommunication network.   > >  

Reconstruction of “Intergation of O/M IT systems” concept at ELMÛ and ÉMÁSZ
8. 10. 2009.

GEOMETRIA has revised the development concept of the operational and maintenance IT architecture of ELMÛ, ÉMÁSZ companies.   > >  

WEB support for digital public utility data supply
24. 7. 2009.

GEOMERTIA made a solution for public utility digital data supply for FÕTÁV Zrt.  

The client demanding the service can request the needed data via webshop. The solution makes the time of the data supply shorter, raises its preciseness and reduces the labour force demand at FÕTÁV Zrt.   > >