MIRTUSZ Watch - every minute counts

A separate module of the MIRTUSZ work management system


  • Safer work
  • Direct, fast communication
  • Collaborative tools

How does MIRTUSZ Watch work?

Work safety - automatic emergency messages, emergency calls

The mechanic can send a signal for help in any situation with one click. Optionally, the safety function based on pulse measurement can be activated, which automatically sends an emergency message containing location and contact information to the center if abnormal vital signs are detected.


Instant notifications – vibrating message alert, sound alert

The vibrating signal of the watch worn on the wrist allows the mechanic to be notified immediately, even while working, by glancing at the watch when a message or a new job has arrived.

Quick instructions - one-touch work control commands

MIRTUSZ Watch application allows the mechanic to conveniently and quickly issue simple work control commands, which contributes to the recording of more accurate time stamps, thereby improving the efficiency of work planning.


Mobility - use in difficult conditions

The watch gives the mechanic the opportunity to use the support of the work management system in places where it would otherwise be difficult to do this with a traditional tool, such as on a pole or in a shaft. The mechanic can call the central work supervisor or another colleague without interrupting work.

Integration – independent module with continuous online synchronization

MIRTUSZ Watch can be integrated into the central work management system as a separate module. Online synchronization allows all issued instructions to be automatically and instantly synchronized between devices and systems.