New way of record-keeping of network failures (HÁMER) at ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ

In 2016, we were appointed by ELMŰ and ÉMÁSZ Network Ltd to create a system for the record-keeping of network failures. This system has had several successors, and the most recent facility, the HESR system has been in operation for more than a decade. There are a number of essential criteria that lie in the background of the change and upgrade.   > >  


Vegetation management

On EDF DÉMÁSZ Hálózati Elosztó Kft’s order, Geometria Kft. has undertaken still another field of operations, the removal of tree branches and limbs along the overhead line network.   > >  

The audit of the billing and customer services system for the Azeri Waterworks (Azersu) has been completed

As Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt’s (Budapest Waterworks) subcontractor, Geometria conducted and completed the audit of the AzersuMIS system supporting Azersu’s billing and customer service activities, in the framework of a project commenced in 2015 and concluded in February this year. The audit focused on the operating area of the waterworks belonging to the District of Baku, which otherwise carries country-wide competences.   > >