Support to the investment process at Budapest Waterworks

The autumn of 2015 saw the first phase of the implementation of the application that was designed to support Budapest Waterworks’ investment activities. In the first phase, the module for the monitoring of the process of investment planning was created with the task to compile and handle the annual investment plan, control the work process from the emergence of demands to the approval of the annual investment plan. The live deployment of the first module took place in June 2016, and the investment plan for 2017 was already made in the BerTi system.   > >  

New standard certificate

Our Company’s management system has been designed and established in line with requirements of the MSZ EN / ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standards. Last November saw the certification audit of the integrated system, which was closed successfully. Term of the validity of document no. 503/1362 and ISMS/28 (1) issued on the basis of the decision of the Certification Committee of the Hungarian Standards Institution: 29 November 2016 – 28 November 2018

Budapest Water Summit 2016

This year’s Water Summit was organized in Budapest. The 3-day event started on 28 November, attended by 1800 participants from 117 countries.
The Summit was held as a forum for the discussion of the major issues relating to water, sanitation (wastewater management) and sustainable water management by presidents and prime ministers, ministers, senior officers of international organizations, actors of business and scientific life, as well as the representatives of the civil sphere.   > >