Geometria support new emergency response system for Hungarian Nattional Ambulance

The Hungarian National Ambulance (OMSZ) are starting a new  emergency response control system (MIR) supported by Geometria in June 2014. Using this new control system (MIR) the percentage of  ambulance cars arriving at the scene within 15 minutes after an emergency call will go higher than  85% as well as the percentage  of the arrival of the most suitably-equipped ambulance cars that will increase to 80%.   > >  

New customer in Geometria’s portfolio: the Azerbaijani Waterworks

As a subcontractor for Budapest Waterworks, Geometria is participating in the introduction of a work management system at the Azerbaijani Waterworks (Azersu). Reaching a new milestone of its aspirations launched several years ago to open towards export markets, Budapest Waterworks has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Azersu company providing water supply and sewerage services to Azerbaijan.   > >  

ASTRA BI – Novel service for the support of business analyses at ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group

In the IT environments of public utility suppliers, the databases of technical, economic, work and project management solutions keep historic data now looking back on decades. The retrospectively stored and continuously generated information and data have come to offer a sufficiently long perspective for the examination of the technical and economic processes of the given company with analytic and statistical means.   > >