Renewal of the Mirtusz system at Budapest Waterworks Plc
3. 3. 2015.

Budapest Waterworks introduced the Mirtusz work management system in 2005. Operated since then, the mobile application that is run on notebooks has just partly supported the identification of reserves that are inherent in the improvement of work efficiency. The IT development that has taken place since the delivery of the system and the current standing of business affairs have made the upgrade of the system justified. Budapest Waterworks has decided on the step-by-step implementation of a uniform upgrading concept.   > >  

3. 3. 2015.

2014 saw the commencement of the full-scale reconditioning and extension of FŐTÁV’s equipment and technical record-keeping system (HŐTÉR) in the course of which the first phase of the developments connected with the record-keeping of heat centers was implemented.   > >  

We are participating at ICSG, the International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress
3. 3. 2015.

It is the third occasion when the annually organized International Istanbul Smart Grids Congress (ICSG) is staged.
The event will take place on 29 and 30 April, and be attended also by Geometria, which will present the MIRTUSZ enterprise resource planning system and its Risk-Based Maintenance Planning system as an exhibitor and presenter to the international community. It is important for Geometria to gain a strong foothold in the international markets, and therefore we trust in our successful appearance.