65th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association

This year, the annual Itinerary Conference was organised for the 65th time. The organizer was the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association. They chose Thermal Hotel Visegrád as the location of the event, the main topics of which were digitalization and clean energy. Interested experts could get an overall picture of electrical industry’s latest technological trends during plenary sessions and section meetings. They could also exchange their ideas and views at friendly gatherings as usual.

At the section meetings, even two of our excellent colleagues were allowed to give a presentation. András Dunay shared his knowledge on this topic in his talk titled “Conscious conversion to data-driven maintenance planning and network operation”, while Dr. Attila Fűr gave a presentation called “Augmented reality and its application at public utility companies”. The professional magazine Elektrotechnika (Electrical Engineering) found Attila’s topic interesting. The editors of the magazine asked him therefore to write a longer article which can be read here. We are very proud of our colleagues’ success.

Besides the presentations, we took part in the event with sponsoring and an own booth, too. A huge number of acquaintances and new interested participants visited our exhibition stand. Our innovative augmented reality module got particularly much interest, and besides our conventional systems, we also introduced our updated mobile work control solution (MIRTUSZ Mobile application). We will keep working hard in order to present considerable technological developments to interested experts next year again.

A new BerTi introduction! Also DRV has chosen Geometria

The Dunántúli Regionális Vízművek Zrt (DRV) (Transdanubian regional waterworks) has a significant role in the Hungarian water utilities sector: they provides drinking water supply to nearly 830,000 residents in nearly 400 municipalities, and they provides sewage disposal and treatment for 604,000 people in 211 municipalities in Baranya, Fejér, Somogy, Tolna, Veszprém and Zala counties.
DRV has decided to implement a higher level of IT support than existing one to improve the efficiency of its investment processes. DRV has published a tender for an optimal IT support system, and Geometria won this tender. DRV – by the offer of Geometria – has chosen the BerTi (link to BerTi) solution which has been working successfully for years in the Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt. The BerTi system to be implemented allows the support of the whole DRV investment process and the creation of the development plan quickly and efficiently in compliance with the provisions of the current Water Utility Act.
According to the schedule the system will be introduced by the end of 2018, then will be a three-month introduction supporting period.

Budapest Waterworks has renewed its IT development and operations contract with Geometria again

Budapest Waterworks („Waterworks”), Hungary’s leading, internationally significant and recognized water utility service provider sets great value upon IT solutions that support technical processes in order to attain its business objectives. In doing so, Geometria has been the Waterworks’ important partner for decades. While providing water utility service safely and in accordance with business continuity, systems developed and operated by Geometria are used in many fields (technical records, work management etc.). Due to the high availability of these IT support solutions and in order to make changes and developments continuously according to the business environment, the Waterworks chose Geometria as its partner in the public procurement process again. The contract includes the operation and (as required) upgrading of IT systems related to the Waterworks’ basic activities.
In the business relationship between the two companies, IT systems developed by Geometria proved to be tried and tested for the water utility provider. The Waterworks included these solutions therefore in many cases in its service portfolio as part of the international expansion. This way, one of the Waterworks’ such “products” is the work control system MIRTUSZ developed by Geometria, that the Waterworks offers successfully to foreign water utility service providers after adding its own professional experience to it.